Ask Ashley K
Ask Ashley K

Social Media Services

Social Media Branding

Discovery session/ social media strategy sessions to profile creation and community engagement.


We offer consultancy across a diverse range of industries and help you deliver fast, high quality results in any social media platform.

Special Events

From planning, to execution, to providing advice for your business from our highly skilled team of professionals.

SoPac, Inc. makes it easy to navigate through the various social media platforms while only focusing on those proven to be beneficial based on the specifics of the clients business.



SoPac's clients are NEVER exact replicas because they are always tailored to the individual client’s needs.



Not only will we help you discover your story and engage your platform but will also help create a storyline for your social strategy.


We cover everything from small private events, corporate events, and public speaking to maintenance packages to growth hack your social presence by creating content and driving consumer engagement through our detailed & effective growth strategies essentially expanding reach exponentially.

Ashley Kruempel

   c/o SoPac,Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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