Ask Ashley K
Ask Ashley K

Social Impact Branding 

One profile creation that includes an in-depth discovery session meant to dig into the background of the company to find the WHY behind the WHAT of what you do! Distinguishing the WHY is a competitive advantage in regards to storytelling & engaging consumers.



SoPac's clients are NEVER exact replicas because...

they are always tailored to the individual clients needs.


 Offering small business owners, entrepreneurs, millennial CEO's priceless and valuable content.  The benefits of using Social Impact Branding as a direct, instant access point to their target market thru social media platforms with their profile, educating them on marketing within Social Media, train for public speaking events.  Become part of my TEAM and we will build a business that is going to be a POWER-HOUSE enterprise in there Social Branding Industry.






Ashley Kruempel

   c/o SoPac,Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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