Ask Ashley K
Ask Ashley K

Mission: Empower entrepreneurs & small businesses with the tools and knowledge to navigate through social media networks  successfully.

Globally committed to providing value and meaning to BigData analytics, disruptive projection models, & strategies based on identifying synchronicity's in consumer trends & connecting mutually beneficial relationships together.




The Journey 

Mother of 3 - Female Founder - Disrupting the traditional business market in all social fortes... because all that really matters is being in front of the RIGHT AUDIENCE. I make that happen through organic engagement as an A.R.T. - Be Authentic, Be Relevant, & Be Transparent and the rest will follow.



Snapchat for Business Live Training & Social Media Marketing Strategist.



An Accidental Entrepreneur - Find out what that means to me as I follow my journey as a social media agency/ web development global impact startup/ millennial motivational meaning maker.

Sharing top leaders in the social entrepreneurship startups and modern technology applications for small business.






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Ashley Kruempel

   c/o SoPac,Inc.




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